Design an Ancient Artifact of 2021: A prediction of the near-future, presented as an ancient relic.
If someone from a distant future (say 3031) looks back at 2021, knowing the history of the 2020 pandemic that shook up the planet, what will they find?
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"At the beginning of the year 3030, every single country and major cities went to a total lockdown due to a fatal and contagious virus that caused the pandemic. The virus was identified as SARS-30. According to scientists at the Seoul National University, patients who were infected with SARS-30 showed symptoms that were similar to patients who were infected with COVID-19, a virus that caused a historic pandemic in 2020. However, world-wide data of the SARS-30 showed the fatality rate of SARS-30 to be 30%.
On March 19th of 3030, researchers in the Seoul National University theorized that SARS-30 could be an evolved strand of COVID-19. For further research to find the cure to the virus, the President of Korea, Se-Jong, ordered secret agents and the researchers to go to a city in China called Wuhan, a place where COVID-19 started in 2020.
The first team of agents and researchers tried to interview the residents in Wuhan but they were not able to collect enough data due to strict lockdown in Wuhan. The second team scouted out bat cave areas in Wuhan because the articles in 2020 claimed that COVID-19 originated from the bats. When the second team found the cave, they saw the entrance was sealed up with rocked which was man-made. They removed the rocks and found half of dozen of human skeletons along with illuminating crystals of gemstones around the skeletons. When the second team was excavating the cave, a researcher found half a dozen metallic objects underneath the human skeletons. The object was about 12 inches tall. At the center of the object, there was the illuminating gemstone within it. The researchers decided to bring the skeletons, crystals, and metallic objects back to Seoul for further research.
The skeleton was found to be a group of researchers that was registered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2020. The strange thing was the fact that the same gemstone that was found in the cave was also found in the metallic object. The more interesting fact was that there were six syringes inserted into the metallic object. Could this be the cure that the scientist found for COVID-19? Why were the bodies of scientists found in the cave? The mystery remains unsolved to this day..."
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