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Problem Statement
“Free-Play” is an important development process for kids with all abilities. However, their opportunity to free play in an inclusive environment is limited because of US’s litigations, hyper protective parenting culture, and inaccessible design environments.
Today's Issue
Solution Statement
Create accessible inclusive playground structures that encourage kids with all abilities to free-play.
Design Solutions
Exploring Ideas
I was envisioning a playground that is accessible and empowering for the users.
I wanted auditory play to be a part of the experience for this playground concept.
Form Development
Shape of the form was developed to visualize how the sound magnified from inside-out physically.
I also envision pipe as the main material to be used as foundational structure for this playground. 
Researched playground structures that are made out of pipes and nettings. This research also helped me to gauge what kind of forms are possible to manufacture and how big of a structure is feasible to erect while meeting today's playground safety regulations. Pieces like Hyperloop have been getting a lot of public attentions and excitements. They are also known as "Playable Art".  
Prototype II
Sketch Explorations of Netting Struture
I kept the Inside-out form  from form development additionally, I enhanced the organic form of this playground to enhance the experience of similar to "Playable Art". 
When the instruments are played from the core of the playground, sound are amplified through the funnel. 
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