Design Objective
Design a carriable case for the Giant Jenga lawn game set that elevates the users' playing experience and fits Autside’s design language, lifestyle, and attention to craftsmanship.
Sketch Explorations
The design aesthetic of the Structural Integrity case was drawn from Autside's existing products' design language. 
Activley participated in the prototype model making in a variety of fidelities of the model.
 Prototype Model Making
Used in-house workshop and other local fabrication services to bring the final concept from a CAD model to a fully functional prototype ready for user testing.
Metal Bending and Chamfering Holes
Prepping for domino biscuit corner joint glue-up
Glue-Up Process
Final Design Intent
Designed an aesthetically appealing Giant Jenga case that leveled up the yard game experience by making it easy for carrying and setting up the Giant Jenga set. 

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