Project Brief
Design a helmet for The Galaxy Drift racers. They should be able to see through the helmet and the helmet should also have an oxygen supply system. It is a fierce and competitive race therefore it might be effective to use the aesthetic of the helmet to intimidate other racers.
Theme Concept of GALAXY DRIFT

The XXI chapter of The Galaxy Drift is coming up in the Spring of 3055. The map of the racing track will be located on the ring of Saturn. The objective of the race is to complete the full revolution on the ring of Saturn. The race can be completed with an individual’s team and each team cannot exceed any more than 5 people. Please anticipate various sizes of rocks on the ring of Saturn. The rocks may be stationary or in motion. Any harm on another team’s ship will result in an automatic disqualification of your team. However, all the rules will be lifted after halfway point of the race, meaning everything is fair game after the midpoint of the race.
Exploring Helmet Design Language
Sketch Explorations
Concept Sketches
Concept Direction
Low Fidelity Prototyping
High level prototyping with cardboard help me to measure the head dimension and the ergonomic of the head structure.
Clay Modeling
Refined Sketches
Refined Clay Modeling
From this phase I saw that the design language of the back portion of the helmet was inconsistent with the rest of the design in the front. Also having the crease in the back was not a successful design choice for the back.
Model Direction
Final Direction
Used Adobe Photoshop to quickly modify the design of the lenses on the face shield. 
Second Color Option

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