Problem Statement
Globally, people are living more in their spaces. Especially in smaller spaces. This impact makes the objects in the space much more significant. How can we create more values in the objects that are in small living spaces.
Designing for Small Spaces
Exploring Opportunities
Market Finings
• Look into common furniture that are found in small apartments.
• Explore which furniture takes up the most space.
• What is the furniture that people interact with the most?
• How do people interact with the furniture?
• Explore furnitures that are portable.
• How can aesthetic of the design add more value to the furniture?
People who are living in apartments of Legacy Cities, more and more people are looking for well designed small space apartments with furnitures that are adaptable to the small living space.
Exploring Adaptable Furniture
Exploring Ideas
Solution Statement
Design a modular or dual purpose
furniture as a way to add more
value to the small living spaces.
Final Direction
Concept Refinement
How to Use
Color Options
Entered into 2021 IHA Competition

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