RE[SOLE] is an early-stage lifestyle footwear start-up to revolutionize the footwear industry. The design is built on sustainable principles, breaking down ordinary footwear into three simple modules: the sock, slab, and tread, each easy to replace and recycle. RE[SOLE] shoes allow users to use fewer materials per mile, significantly reducing their footprint on the planet.
The interlocking mechanism of the model is not shown due to IP reasons.
Modular Colorways
The interchangeability of the shoe gives limitless possibilities for different colorways of the shoes or styles of the shoes.  
Modular Shoe Styles
The modularity of RE[SOLE] Shoes reimagines how people wear shoes and what shoes can be. What I've showed cased is only two variants of the modular shoes but the proven concept of these modular shoes brings possibilities for more combinations and styles of the shoes. 
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